Why Abou Jamra – Third part

I saw once AJ Jacobs’ ted talk. His talk incited me to continue my search but this time upside down, from the bottom up,  I thought why not? I might get some more answers that way, and I am glad that I did!

So I started building a family tree on www.myheritage.com & www.geni.com . It has grown to have now (date of this post) 608 family members, going upwards 8 generations, and sideways from the middle east to the west coast, and all the way down to latin america.

That ultimately led to me to do my DNA test… I did it by registering on  www.familytreedna.com  and that lightened up one answer to the sparkle of all my questions:

Why Abou Jamra?

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Why AbouJamra – More about it…

The first post “why AbouJamra” resulted in many questions… Lucky there was social networking, I was able to contact many Aboujamra, Abujamra and Jamra, and I found lots of support, as well as information and stories that filled gaps.

I want to take this opportunity and start by thanking them. I also remain open to any additional information or stories that  enrich and broaden the picture…

So we are now in year 600, the Aboujamras were likely to be flourishing within the Ghassanid empire after having migrated, 400 years earlier, with the Azd from Yemen,  living likely next to Busra el Sham, probably in two cities, Mujeimer and Jamrein, – Click here for a guided picture tour of the mount of “red as cinder rocks in between Mujeimer and Jamrein”

We move forward to 636, under the reign of the last Ghassanid King, Ghassan al Hurani, under which occurred the battle of Yurmuk, the first battle of Islam out of what is Saudi Arabia today, led by AbuBakr, and the battle that saw the collapse of the Ghassanids, it seems that this is battle must have sent our fathers all over the area… I was able to gather 2 stories each explaining two actual outcomes. Continue reading Why AbouJamra – More about it…

Why AbouJamra?

One of my bucket list items was to walk back to the source of our family name… so I asked: why AbouJamra? and it started.


Our family name is composed of two word:

Abou “ابو”: an Arabic word that means literally “father of” but comes when used in a noun it means sons of  “bani” or “belongs” or “coming from”  depending on what the second word means.

Jamra “جمرة” : it’s the Arabic word of charcoal when burning red. It has many derivatives as most Arabic words that will be developed later

The name Abou Jamra is found written in several ways: Abou Jamra, Aboujamra, Abujamra, Boujamra, Bujamra or simply Jamra. The “o” is removed in English so that the pronunciation does not sound as “aw” like “about” vs “abut”

I have discussed our origins with the elderly surrounding me and found many common stories, they were the basis of my search.

  • We are an out spring the Ghassanids Tribes.
  • We are named in relation to a mountainous area that has stones that are red as coil.

So the first obvious question is:

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